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Styling and design

We will get in contact with you right after we receive your request. Should you have an question related to our interior design ideas, laser technology or glass materials we are ready with answers for you immediately. Explore our expertise in the field of laser graphics design and feel free to ask any related questions – we will be more than happy to assist you.

3D graphics

We are prepared to work with the art that you select. 2D and 3D graphics design is our field. We can prepare 3D previews for you as you want to see it: with realistic lighting, shadows, reflection and transparency. Previews can help you to decide whether you accept the our final design or you make some more changes until it is perfectly that you imagined.

Engraving and installation

With our special 3D laser manufacturing equipment we can engrave 365 x 24 hours a year in a 15mm or 19mm thick optical glass sheets. Ultraclear (optiwhite) glass sheets can be up to 900x1800mm size with an engraving of 750x1550mm size inside. Longer designs are also possible if the design has separated tiles within.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

If you visited our booth in Vienna Wohnen & Interieur 2023 and and checked our flyer video links you are sure to know what we offer to the public. Still, during the first meeting we are not doing any design yet. We ask for the customer’s idea of the type of art that she/he prefers. We need to check if the art is available to the public or not and what art the costs of the licence if there are any. We also suggest art what could fit in the ideas of the customer based on what we learned fron him.

It is very important that the selected art must also fit in our concept because not all artistic idea can be concidered fine art. If we agree and select the art we check how it is possible to create a 3D representation of the art selected. If the selected art is not quite good enough for that we need to select an other one. After we agreed in all particular details like location of the installation, schedules and deadlines, etc. we send a contract draft to the customer for acceptance. Contract draft contains all details neccessery including payment schedule, delivery parameters, installation specific details, etc.

Design of the 3D representation of the selected art can take from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 month depending from the complexity of the art. Previews and plans are shared with the customer who may give us feedbacks and further ideas. Planning the installation includes location checking, lighting options, packaging and delivery planning, validating the installation environment.

Installation must be designed very carefully. Glass is a very heavy and easy to break material. Despite of its disadvantages it is also one of the most beautiful material in interior design. Transparency and reflectivity at the same time are the most stunning visual effects that you can ever have. Building an installation is not just packaging and transportation but it also contains the how the glass is moved to its final place and how is it fixed there. Planning the light color temperature and intensity is also essential. Our LED frames around the glass offer dimming options to change the light to according to the actual environmental lights.